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Tax calendar

September 2019 Tax Payment Statement

All tax centers Reminder to taxpayers. The monthly deadline granted to taxpayers of the Cameroon's Directorate General of Taxation to declare their taxes for the month of September 2019, expired on October 15, 2019


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About us/DGT

As the secular arm of the State, Decentralized Territorial Communities (DTC) and public institutions in terms of resource collection, the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) is an operational body of the Ministry of Finance of Cameroon. Its missions are defined by Decree No. 2013/066 of 28 February 2013.

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The tasks of the Directorate General of Taxes are defined in Decree No. 2005/119 of April 15, 2005 on the organization of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Overall, these missions fall into four main functions: design and determination of the tax base, management of tax and taxpayers, tax audit and recovery.

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All the documentation you need in the same place

A true Digital Safe, our library offers you: Conventions, Laws and Regulations, Fiscal Doctrine, Taxpayer's Charter, Manuals and Guide, all types of forms, our media, our annual reports since 2014.

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